24 September 2016

Wes Anderson Film Characters Illustrated by Satsuma Orange

I’d come across the artwork of Munich AKA Satsuma Orange at the weekend Public Garden Consumer Trade Show (Sept 24-15) at Suntec City Conventiona Hall 403, and was first attracted by her line-up of Star Wars characters, then the Studio Ghibli family of characters snagged my heart … THEN I saw the film characters of Wes Anderson!

I only managed to walk away with a “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou” (instantaneously realising she had a mini-print set with ALL the films!), which I hope to run into her table again one day …. meanwhile, I’ve snagged a slew of images of her Wes Anderson-theme fanart illustration (on various merchandize), viewable by scrolling down, while YOU can hit up her Etsy to score them, as well check out her art on satsumaorange.squarespace.com / Facebook / Instagram @thesatsumaorange!

Day 27 // #marchmeetthemaker is Routine. Whenever I think of routines, I think of that running scene in The Darjeeling Limited. Not sure why. Haha. I think I have a routine. My morning starts at 6:30, I go to work till noon, go home(sometimes have lunch with husband), do some errands if any, then I sit to check my emails, then I start on what's needs to be done. Sometimes I draw, pack orders, go to the post office. All this until 7pm when my husband reach home. I try hard to stop working but sometimes it's hard when there's lots to do and I'll just continue until it's time to sleep. I try to change up my routine almost every day so I don't feel overwhelmed by everything and so far, it's been going along nicely. #meetthemaker #illustration #illustrator #routine #satsumaorange

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23 September 2016

The Dark Crystal ReAction Figures Coming In Oct 2016

Dark Crystal

I’ve featured WIPs before of Funko’s DARK CRYSTAL as ReAction Figures, but now the solicitation is IN, and fans of the classic feature film might well be in for a treat, especially since the film dwelled in the era of the ReAction figure aesthetic, IMHO!
REACTION PRESS: "Relive the 1982 film from Jim Henson and Frank Oz, The Dark Crystal! Follow Jen the Gelfling on his magical quest to heal the crystal! Jen is joined by Kira, a fellow Gelfling who can communicate with animals, Aughra the astronomer, UrSol the Chanter, and The Chamberlain! Collect them all and assemble a special figure: the crystal itself! Coming in October!"

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2

The Guardians of the Galaxy.

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*Sans Costumes*

My sister always had better shoes...#goofballsofthegalaxy

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22 September 2016

5 x Teasers for #GhostInTheShell live action film Released!

Time for leaked images are over .. Paramount Pictures has released a total of 5 x teasers for the live action “Ghost in the Shell Movie”, with a scheduled March 31st, 2017 premiere date set in the USA, while Singapore’s is March 30th! (IMDb)

Directed by Rupert Sanders, written by Jonathan Herman, Jamie Moss (writer) and Masamune Shirow, (manga), the film stars Scarlett Johansson as “The Major” (we see her in a few of the teasers posted here), and as well see in one of the teaser was Takeshi Kitano (as “Daisuke Aramaki”).

I like what I see here, a squint as a series of sequences of hopefully GOOD things to come! I remain optimistic and hopeful!

Stay connected:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GhostInTheShellMovie/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GhostInShell
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/GhostInTheShellMovie/

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Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 11.21.28 AM
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Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 11.25.29 AM
Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 11.21.31 AM

21 September 2016

Doctor Strange by Hot Toys in 1/6th & Cosbaby

Hot Toys has announced TWO Doctor Strange collectibles, based on the upcoming feature film from MARVEL Studios - with the 1/6th-acaled action figure, and the slightly more diminutive Cosbaby (S) collectible! The “possibilities are endless!” - but the 'price' might be 'definite'! hahahaha

We never did see the Sorcerer Supreme on display at the recent STGCC2016 ... would've been a nice treat for folks tho, IMHO. Meanwhile, scroll down for select snaps, and check out THIS FACEBOOK ALBUM for more peeks!

And do check in with your fave retailer(s) for availability and of course, final pricing.

DOCTOR STRANGE 1/6: "The movie-accurate collectible figure is specially crafted based on the image of Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange in the movie, featuring a newly developed head sculpt, sophisticatedly tailored and highly detailed outfit, two styles of costume display options with a magnetically attachable Cloak of Levitation with intricate embroidery, a variety of mystical artifacts including the Eye of Agamotto, and a Doctor Strange-themed figure stand with character backdrop."
Dr Strange Hot Toy 6
Dr Strange Hot Toy 7

DOCTOR STRANGE COSBABY (S): "The Doctor Strange Cosbaby, which stands approximately 10cm tall and has a bobbling head, is represented in a lovely cartoonish form that depicts him dressed in his Sorcerer Supreme outfit and casting magical spells."

16 September 2016

Inside the Magic - Marvel's #DoctorStrange - Featurette 1

The title mentioned “Featurette 1” - which I am sure would lead to plenty before DOCTOR STRANGE premieres November 4th, hopefully not spilling too much visuals, because let’s face it - thanks to folks’ reaction to BvS and Suicide Squad, they’d flock to MARVEL Studios movie for penance retaliation (?) LOL

Motion Poster for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Because “Milla Jovovich”. And yeah, “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” (ALA RE6), which premieres in theaters Jan 27th, 2017 … go watch the trailer(s) HERE :)

15 September 2016

#Batman in the new “Tactical Batsuit” for #JusticeLeague

Director Zak Snyder “celebrates” the last day of filming Ben Affleck as “Batman” in the upcoming Justice League movie, to show the new “Tactical Batsuit”!

Does it remind you of Nite Owl in his Watchmen? Or have we seen enough of a “tactical” ala Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy? Doesn’t matter really, it only works as a new action figure / toy … sorry, I cannot help but think this way- apologies to the costume designers and art department folks who work in this for a living :p

tactical Batman
batman tacticle proxies

13 September 2016

The Marvel Symphonic Universe from Every Frame a Painting

Too true about the lack of memorable themes, but I cannot fully agree with the notion “risk” - as mentioned in the video above, but wholly agree about the “common denominator” - with Marvel’s films perhaps choosing to focus instead on the characters moreso than anything else.

In “film design”, I teach “design and art direction” as the unknown “character” embedded in the story and visuals - which further enriches the visuals and scenarios that unfold before you on the silver screen, and wholly believe “music” and/or “score” assumes such a concept too. Although, I also do teach imagining switching off all audio, to be able to see the "effectiveness" of art and design being noticeable, so ... :p

Without knocking nor disrespecting the folks working behind the scenes for Marvel movies, they are kept in the literal background, feeling sort of “dialled” down, to instead let the “characters” (humanoid or otherwise) to flourish in the foreground.

Can’t knock it, as that’s “their” choice to do so, and let’s face it, we are still highly entertained by the movies, aren’t we? “Depth” and “Richness” is not a force beyond visual baubles in Marvel movies, but it’s okay, for me … another similar genre film comes to mind: Chris Nolan’s Batman trilogy, where perhaps the main theme overtaketh the myth and lore, IMHO. But of course, that’s just in my eardrums :)

Here’s a “closing” video for fun’s sake!


Fury Road - Crash & Smash

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